Dimmable LED Light Pad
Dimmable LED Light Pad
Dimmable LED Light Pad
Dimmable LED Light Pad
Dimmable LED Light Pad

Dimmable LED Light Pad

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Don't let the dark stop you from diamond painting! 

Our dimmable LED Light Pad allows you to find the perfect brightness level so you never have trouble seeing your painting at night again. Once you try the Dimmable LED Light Pad you will never want to paint without it again!

Simply plug it into any USB port and you are ready to go! 

- A4 size, portable yet versatile.

- 3 Level dimmer-able control allows you to trace with 3 different brightness. 

- It comes with a standard micro USB cable and compatible with all USB smartphone wall plug (USB wall plug not included)'

Why choose us?

Create Dazzling Works of Art

Creating something beautiful with your hands is extremely rewarding and is a great way to ground yourself and get back
in touch with your inner creative spirit. Best of all, you're guaranteed to make something stunning by the end of it, with a
gorgeous glittering work of art, perfect for your home or as a gift for friends and family.

Perfect for Everyone

With Gemify, you don’t have to be an amazing painter! And we're not just saying that!

Diamond painting is extremely easy to pick up, making it great for both children and adults.
It’s the perfect activity for kids to share with mum & dad, grandma & grandpa or with their friends!

Includes everything you need to get started!

High Quality Canvas which we roll and package carefully into a reinforced cardboard box

100% accurately inventoried color resin diamonds

Diamond Pen Tool with cushioned grip for applying diamonds

Wax Block which makes picking up diamonds easier

Stainless Steel Tweezers that are extra sharp for fine adjustment

Grooved Diamond Sorting Tray for quickly sorting diamonds

Extra Plastic Bags for storage and sorting

Printed Instructions in English